Mel & Alysia - DA Ranch Winery

Sometimes we meet people under the most random circumstances and I am so thankful we do! I met Alysia on a date night in downtown Phoenix at the local wine bar she worked at at the time. It was date night so naturally I was dressed as so and maybe not quite as modest as I might normally be without my husband (hey it’s important to still date and flirt people!). While my husband and I were discussing my current status as a wedding photographer, Alysia overheard our 1-2 glasses of wine deep conversation and mentioned she had yet to find someone to photograph her wedding. Blame it on the wine but my typically introverted self struck up a conversation and voila, next thing I knew Mel and Alysia were describing their upcoming vineyard wedding to me! And to bring this story full circle, I joked with Alysia later on that I wasn’t on my A-game when we met due to the date night wine and attire to which she responded, “That’s exactly why I liked you!”

I can only describe their wedding as pure class. Alysia’s gown was adorned with most beautiful beading and she kept it simple with classic white flowers. I loved the personal touches of old photos of family and weddings and the vintage look of Alysia’s ring. The winery only became more stunning, and fun, as the sun went down over the vineyard.

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