Dallon & Samantha - Windmill Winery Proposal

To say I am excited about this blog is an understatement. My little sister is six years younger than me so I have waited a long time for this day…the day I can say MY LITTLE SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED! Now we have all heard not to date our co-workers but I think in this case, it worked out just fine for her. Dallon and Sam actually went to high school together almost a decade ago and ended up working in the same department, in the same city, many years later.

Talks of an engagement have been swirling for some time but Dallon decided to keep Sam in suspense for a while. He went to our parents to ask for her hand in marriage (which I am so bummed I did not get to witness because apparently it was incredibly sweet) and then left us all keeping the secret and waiting in suspense for almost a month! When he finally called to tell me it was time, my big sister heart leapt for joy. My sister’s one requirement for her proposal is that I would be present to capture it. Well, Dallon told me the plan for a nice date day at Windmill Winery and the events of the day went along as planned. I was actually fairly sick (and pregnant) that day so I decided to throw her off in case she had any suspicions. I posted to my Facebook page that I was sick and stuck at home, but of course I wasn’t going to miss it.

Upon arrival at the Windmill Winery, I looked a bit like a crazy person snooping around but the staff kindly helped me find a hiding spot and hide from the walking tour Dallon and Sam were on when I arrived. After awkwardly standing around in an old barn avoiding daddy long leg spiders, they walked out onto our planned meeting spot. Sam had no idea what was about to happen and immediately burst into tears (I lost the bet with Dallon that she wouldn’t cry). She finally saw me come out of hiding and began crying even harder, which made for some funny photos for me. Fellow winery tour-goers, who had been watching anxiously out the windows, wished them congratulations and even bought them a bottle of wine to celebrate. Now the countdown is on for their wedding day next year and this big sister couldn’t be more excited!